Fingerprint Padlocks: Taking Your Security to a Whole New Level

We live in an ever-changing world, and the best we can do is to change along with it. In today’s world, fingerprint padlocks are needed for tight security of valuable items. What is a fingerprint padlock? It is a keyless lock that uses a fingerprint to access it. It comes in different types. Some take 1-2 fingerprints, while others can have 2-3 fingerprints programmed.

The first fingerprint padlock was Benjilock which gave 99.99% security. Over the years, several other brands of fingerprint padlocks have been created.

How does a fingerprint padlock work?

A fingerprint padlock is a biometric lock and it’s easy to use. It saves the fingerprint of each user and unlocks when one of the individual’s fingerprints is recognized.

Also, for it to save your fingerprint, you need to put your fingerprint on the lock for about 5 seconds. This way, the padlock can recognize and save your fingerprint. Some fingerprint padlocks come with apps that allow them to be unlocked easily.

Steps on how to save your fingerprint on the fingerprint padlock

  • Firstly, you need to do admin setup. It’s very simple you just put the fingerprint and hold for 8 seconds
  • A blue light will show, this means you should continue to put your fingerprint
  • Touch slightly on different angles
  • When you see a green light this means registration is complete. It might not show colors for all fingerprint padlocks
  • You can re-register, but this time it won’t take 8 seconds
  • You’re done

The steps are super easy. If it doesn’t show any lighting then a manual will be given to instruct you more.

Why do I need a fingerprint padlock?

You could literally get keys but you choose a fingerprint padlock, why?. These are some of the reasons why you should use a fingerprint padlock:

It’s faster

It doesn’t take minutes to scan your fingerprint. Not like keys which you’ll have to look for before opening. In case of emergencies a fingerprint padlock is the best.

More secure

You don’t need to think of someone duplicating your keys when you have a fingerprint padlock. It doesn’t get missing and you won’t be scared of losing it.

More reliable

It’s more reliable than keys because keys can be lost and are expensive to get back but with a fingerprint padlock you don’t need to worry about it being changed.

It’s more affordable

It’s not expensive like voice activators. Fingerprint padlocks are very affordable and accessible.

Long lasting without requiring frequent charging

One of the best things about fingerprint padlocks is its ability to stay months without charging. You don’t need to worry about the fingerprint padlock going off; it stays on for so long and gives you a warning when low.


Fingerprint padlocks are biometric or keyless padlocks that use a fingerprint to open it. Fingerprint padlocks are so efficient and secure. They can be used to secure your house, valuables etc.

Fingerprint padlocks are becoming popular because they are easy to use with few  instructions. It can be used for a variety of people or a family. Some fingerprint padlocks also have apps which you can use to remotely control and access it. You can be certain you’re making a smart investment if you choose to go with fingerprint padlocks.



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