Hair Extensions Myths: Everything You Need To Know!

Wigs are one of the most used beauty products today as they provide a convenient way of having long hair. However, their use is surrounded by many myths, which makes potential users hesitant to use it. For those who are deciding to have 20 inch hair extensions human hair for new looks. The purpose of this article is to clarify the myths connected with hair extensions and explain the advantages and disadvantages of this service.

Hair Extensions Are Uncomfortable

Some think that hair extensions are rather uncomfortable to wear. Even though it may take some time to adjust to the increase in volume and mass, properly applied extensions should not be painful. There is comfort in application depending on whether the extensions are taped-in, clipped-in, or sewn-in. One may want to consult a stylist to know which kind of extensions will be most suitable for one’s comfort and usage. It is also recommended to buy the best quality extension and get it installed properly to avoid discomfort.

Only for Special Occasions

Most people believe that wigs should be worn only when attending a wedding or a party, for example. However, hair extensions can be used every day as part of styling. They provide the opportunity to change hair appearance frequently since they do not require a permanent alteration of hairstyle. If you wish to have thicker hair, or longer hair, or if you want to experiment with a new look then hair extensions are a good solution for daily use. When well managed, extensions can last for several months; thus, they are ideal for everyday wear.

Required High-maintenance

Hair extensions, like any other hair accessory, need some care, but it is not all that much of a care as people make it seem to be. Natural hair extensions are like normal hair; they require washing, conditioning, and styling at various times. Some tips that can be useful in the care of extensions are as follows, adherence to the instructions given by your stylist. By wearing the correct products and not applying heat to the extensions often, the life of the extensions can be extended. Most people realize that the advantages of extra volume and length compensate for the efforts that are required to achieve that.

Only celebrities can afford

Another myth is that hair extensions are very expensive. High-end extensions are available and though some of them can be a bit expensive, there are many cheap ones in the market. With the help of new technologies and the popularity of extensions, people can easily use them. There are affordable hair extensions of good quality that can be afforded by many people hence making more people benefit from the hair extensions.


Wearing hair extensions is a convenient and popular way of improving natural hair but some myths may discourage the clients. It is important to demystify these myths so that people can make the right decision concerning the use of hair extensions. If used properly and if maintained properly hair extensions are natural, comfortable, and fashionable for anyone who wants to change his or her hair. If it is for a bride-to-be or for a lady who wants to spice up her hair, hair extensions will be very useful.



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