Seasonal Outdoor Cleaning Guide – Projects for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

The outdoor areas of your home take a beating from the elements year-round. Keeping patios, decks, siding, windows, and other outdoor surfaces clean should be a part of your regular home maintenance routine.
The cleaning method and frequency depends on the season. Here are the outdoor cleaning tasks to tackle each season:

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of renewal and the perfect time to clean away winter debris.
Clean the patio and deck – Sweep away leaves, debris, and dirt. Scrub with cleaner and a stiff brush, then rinse.
Wash outdoor furniture – Remove cobwebs, debris, and bird droppings. Clean with mild soap and water.
Clean siding – Use a pressure washer or hose with spray nozzle to rinse winter salt and grime away.
Clean outdoor lights – Remove dirt, cobwebs, and coverings. Wipe down with a damp cloth and replace bulbs as needed.
Clean windows and screens – Use glass cleaner on outside and inside of windows. Remove screens and spray off debris before reinstalling.
Clear gutters and drains – Remove leaves and debris so rain can flow freely. Scoop out drain basins and sprinkler drains too.

Summer Cleaning

Frequent cleaning is needed in summer to keep outdoor areas fresh.
Hose down patios and decks – Blast away pollen, dirt, and mildew buildup from surfaces.
Touch up outdoor furniture – Look for fading or mildew. Clean and re-seal as needed to protect finishes.
Clean grills – Remove cooked-on grease and food debris after each use. Disinfect and cover when not in use.
Remove cobwebs – Blast cobwebs from eaves, lights, furniture, etc. with the hose or broom.
Clear drains – Clear summer debris like leaves from gutters, drains, and downspouts so water can flow.
Clean outdoor rugs – Remove rugs, spray off with hose, and let air dry before replacing.

Fall Cleaning

Prepare the outdoors for cooler weather with these fall cleaning tips:
Clean and stow patio furniture – Wipe down and store cushions. Cover furniture with waterproof covers.
Clean decks – Sweep away fallen leaves, sticks, and debris. Give a final power wash before winter.
Drain and stow hoses – Disconnect, drain, and neatly coil hoses. Store indoors to protect from freezing temps.
Blow leaves from landscaping – Use a leaf blower to remove fallen leaves from beds, lawns, walkways, etc.
Clean gutters – Remove fallen leaves before winter arrives. Flush and drain each gutter.
Service snow blowers – Inspect and service equipment to be ready for winter snow removal.

Winter Cleaning

Though less intensive, some outdoor cleaning is still needed in winter:
Shovel steps, paths, and driveways – Clear snow and ice promptly after snowfall so it doesn’t pile up.
Salt walkways – Prevent slippery ice by sprinkling rock salt on walkways, steps, and driveways.
Check for damage – Look for damage to siding, roofing, windows, etc. after heavy storms. Make repairs before more issues arise.
Clear vents – Use a broom to gently clear snow from AC unit vents, exhaust vents, etc. Prevent melting snow from refreezing.
Check gutters – Ensure gutters are clear of ice dams that prevent water from draining properly.
Staying on top of outdoor cleaning and maintenance through all four seasons keeps your home looking its best. For more tips on deep cleaning every area both inside and out, check out this complete cleaning guide.


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