What Are Screw Compressors? What Do You Know About Screw Compressor Factories?

A screw compressor is a type of positive displacement compressor in which rotating screws are used which are known as rotors. These rotors play a basic role in the compression of air or gas. Rotors trap the air and compressed it. These compressors are used in industries where the demand for compressed air is high.

The compressors are present in various sizes according to working demand. The compressor has many advantages providing a regular flow of compressed air or gas. Some compressors use the oil for producing the lubrication while others work without the oil.

The lubrication is considered to be necessary for the long durability of the compressor. So basically compressors are reliable sources of producing compressed air. Mainly used for industrial purposes due to its great working the demand for screw compressors is high. Click here to know more about screw compressor factories.

Principle of Screw Compressor

The working principle of a screw compressor is based on the rotors. These two rotors are opposite in direction one is known as the male rotor and the other is a female rotor. The rotors form a tight seal which prevents the loss of compressed air. After the compression, the air is delivered to discharge port.

Screw Compressor Factories

Screw compressors become the basic need for obtaining compressed air. So for this purpose, several screw compressor factories are working around the world to meet the demand for compressed air. Some of them are as follows;

Gardner Denver

It is an American company that manufactures a variety of instruments and machines which are in use in many other countries so the screw compressor is one of them. These compressors are manufactured in a wide range and delivered in other countries.


This is also an American company that manufactures the rotary screw compressor. The branches of this factory are also present in other parts of the world. These manufacture quality products.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is a Swedish manufacturing company. Including screw compressors many other industrial equipment are also manufactured here. And the manufacturing facilities are also available in other countries.


kobelco is a Japanese company. The products which are manufactured in this country are famous all around the world because they produce quality products which have longer durability. So the demand for screw compressors which manufacture here is very high.

Kaeser Kompressoren

It is a German company that not only manufacture screw compressor but other types of compressors are also manufactured here. Which are then transported to other countries.

Advantages of Screw Compressor

There are many advantages of using a screw compressor. Here are some key advantages of compressors:


Screw compressors are considered to be the best source of converting power into compressed air or gas. These compressors work efficiently and work according to demand. The loss of energy is very small therefore demand for these compressors is very high.

Low Noise Pollution

This is considered to be the best thing about screw compressors these are designed in such a way that they do not produce any noise or vibration which is the main concern. So these compressors are best where noise pollution is a topic of concern, it minimized the risk of noise pollution.

Easy Maintenance

These screw compressors are easy to maintain because they only work on rotors. Compressors do not have so many parts so you can easily run them. All you need to change the oil only otherwise the compressor work on its own.

High Capacity

Screw compressors are best for producing a large volume of compressed air. These compressors are the best choice for industrial purposes where a large amount of compressed air is required.


Screw compressors are the best source of compressed air. These can easily convert the power into compressed air or gas. These compressors are widely used in industries for meeting the large demand for compressed air. These screw compressors are highly efficient with minimum energy loss.



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