Why Does Quality of Lightning Cables Matter?

Lightning cables play a vital role in Apple devices’ charging and data sync. These cables are completely different than USB and other ordinary charging cables. For an Apple lineup user, it’s better not to compromise on charging cables if they want their devices to be safe and long-lasting.

When it comes to buying lightning cables, there are countless options available in the market, and not all of them are authorized. However, you can’t just choose any cable as the unauthorized cables can damage the devices.

Apple company has designed an MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) certification system for the other Apple accessories manufacturers like lightning, USB, chargers, and other cables. This standard system ensures that all the Apple devices related accessories synthesized by 2nd or 3rd parties should be safe and of superior quality.

So, while choosing a lightning cable, ensure that the product is MFi certified and avoid picking the local cables. This article will explain why the authorization and quality of cables should be your first preference. Check out the facts written below!

1. Failure of Cable

The low-quality cables are not manufactured based on standard specifications, and there is no assurity whether the cable will work or not. The failure of unauthorized cables is widespread where the cables stop working after some time or don’t work at all.

2. Low Charging Speed

The primary purpose of lightning cables is device charging. The substandard iPhone charger cable delays the charging speed of devices regardless of the quality charger. The well-constructed cable greatly enhanced the charging speed of devices.

The standard lightning cables, like Ugreen cables, are designed for fast power delivery to increase the charging speed up to 50%.

3. Unable to Sync Data

The second major function of Lightning cables is data transfer. The inferior quality cables usually did not support the data synchronization between devices like iPhones and computers.

The MFi standards system is designed to support the maximum and safe data sync, so make sure to pick only the authorized cables.

4. Compatibility

The compatibility of lightning cables is the biggest concern while buying the cables. However, only the MFi-certified lightning cables can be 100% true about their compatibility range.

However, you cannot trust the local and cheap cables for the compatibility mentioned in the product description.

5. Unsafe Charging Conditions

The charging of devices comes along with many risks and unsafe conditions like over-heating, over-charging, and damage from over-voltage or circuits. The MFi-certified lightning cables are constructed to overcome all these issues.

But the local cables are sensitive to all these risks and damages. You would definitely not want to damage your expensive iPhone to save a few pennies from charging cables.

6. Cable Damaging

The MFi-certified lightning cables are built with multiple layers to ensure their durability and long-term use. However, the cheap lightning cables lack all the protective and sturdy layers.

So, the cheap cables don’t last longer than a few days or one to two months. Initially, you might find these cables a budget-friendly option, but overall they will cost you much more than an expensive, standard cable.

Ugreen – A Reliable Option For Quality Lightning Cables

While browsing the lightning cable’s options, it would be better to pick the MFi-certified products to ensure the quality and functioning of cables.

All the lightning cables of Ugreen are MFi certified with a wide range of compatibility. Each cable contains an apple issue authorization chip that ensures the cable is 100% compatible with the iSO devices and will not cause any damage.

Other than compatibility, Ugreen lightning cables are;

  • Ultra-durable
  • Affordable
  • Bend and insert resistant
  • Long-length cords
  • Stable charging and data connection

You can check the brand website to check the cable’s collection and pick the one of your requirement.



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